How to change language in firefox mac

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  1. Setting language preferences in a browser
  2. Changing the language display of Mozilla Firefox
  3. The complex way
  4. How to change interface language for Firefox 58, e.g. in developer tools? - Stack Overflow
  5. Can we change the interface language of Firefox?

You can change your Firefox language as many times as you desire. Yes, it is, Firefox is just a shorter way of calling Mozilla Firefox. If I move down the language I have just added, can I still choose it as my default language? Yes, you can, it only comes up first because of its preferential order.

Setting language preferences in a browser

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Changing the language display of Mozilla Firefox

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View more articles by Beejay Adoghe. There is usually a link on such websites choose a language or go to an international version that allows to choose the language. Such a choice is stored in a cookie on your computer, so you need to keep allow this Google cookie. If the Google page is in the wrong language then see:. Modified February 6, at Modified February 10, at 7: My problem is reverse: I live in Switzerland and my new Firefox speaks English instead of German!!

This problem is not possible to solve unless you reformat and reiinstall your computer alltogher, which of course is not worth the time and effort. It has somethiing to do with Firefox or Google, I don't understand why it should be so difficult. Modified April 11, at 1: By default, Google sniffs your internet connection and redirects to a localized version.

The URL to override this if you always want google.

The complex way

If you prefer to always use a different country site, you might want to get a search engine plugin specific to that site. Possibly available on the following site or someone could create one just for you.

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Hi hegi, if you mean the language throughout the browser is not German, you may need to reinstall Firefox using the German-language installer. I suggest making a backup of your personal settings folder first. Modified April 11, at 3: Hi minkowski, could you clarify which site you want to use, is it the. And are you redirecting to a country-specific site, or is the language changing on the.

How to change interface language for Firefox 58, e.g. in developer tools? - Stack Overflow

Is it possible you are blocking Google cookies? When on the. I deleted all cookies for Mozilla and Google and installed the new Firefox The Menu Bar and all the sub-menus and all other Mozilla pages should be in German. See as an example the uploaded image of the welcome page. Your profile data is stored elsewhere in the Firefox Profile Folder, so you won't lose your bookmarks and other personal data if you uninstall and re install Firefox. I raised this issue on 6 feb and still no solution. I also asked my acquaintances, nobody can change the default language Some problems never get solved.

If you need to switch languages frequently, you may want to get an add-on like Simple Locale Switcher.

How to change Firefox language / Как сменить язык Firefox

As for ME.. Available only: I did set: I did change: Under Options Contents I even moved language [en] to top. Changing the user agent won't help if you do not have that language version of Firefox installed. You need to install the en-US Firefox version. You can find the full version of the current Firefox Well, then the '2nd option' in the first reply under 'If you need to switch between different interface languages' - I guess this is not entirely correct then?

Maybe one day that option will indeed be available, i. This only applies to language packs that are installed in the current Firefox profile folder if this isn't about the locale that you have installed. If you have a Dutch nl Firefox version and no English language pack s then you can't switch to the English language. You would either have to install the English Firefox version or an en-US language pack if you want to be able to switch between languages.

Can we change the interface language of Firefox?

If you have ended up with the wrong language for some reason, possibly after an update, then you need to install a full version of your preferred language. Please would you have a look at the above screenshot, a few postings back. I am not familiar with this, but for me Then again, I may very well be mistaken.

Regretfully I can not download EN language pack, it is not listed. Other language packs are listed and downloadable alright, not English.