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How to Format an External Drive for Mac Compatibility
  1. Method 3: Run USB Drive Recovery Software on Mac
  2. 2. Connect Your USB Drive
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If the Pen Drive is losing space only after the usage of some particular applications, then it can be recovered easily. Most of the time, this situation occurs during reformatting the Pen Drive according to the specific devices we use it.

Method 3: Run USB Drive Recovery Software on Mac

Here, the STB recorder is running with Linux or similar OS so that while using the Pen Drive, that will reformat the drive according to its file system. This eventually appears as losing space in Pen Drive after some special usage. This can be recovered easily by reformatting the Pen drive using the below procedure. The Disk Management app will show the available disk drives connected to PC.

Confirm that your Pen drive is having the original Capacity. If it is not, then this process should not be applied and may be tried with any low-level format options.

If the Pen Drive shows the full capacity in the Disk Management, then check for the partitions it has. Mostly we will be finding some active partition with some other types of the File system. Now note down the currently attached drive letters for all partitions and now we can proceed with the next step. Be careful to do these operations, as once deleted, the data inside that partition will not be recoverable. If you are not sure about the data inside the Pen drive, then you may try to back up your Pen Drive before attempting this. Moreover, deleting the wrong partition In the Hard disk will result that your PC will also stop working and data will be lost.

2. Connect Your USB Drive

After selecting the Pen Drive partition carefully, right click on the partition you want to delete. Be sure that you are working on the Pen Drive partition. It will ask for a confirmation of the data loss. Once we are accepting it, the unwanted partition will get deleted.


After deletion, the unallocated space will get increased to the tune of Pen Drive Capacity. If you already formatted the device in Windows and it shows the reduced capacity, then we need to perform Step 3 to expand the storage capacity. The Pen Drive partition once formatted, will not allow us to expand the partition as like in the normal Disk Drive. To restore the capacity, we need to delete the small partition that was created during the formatting of the Drive in Windows PC. We can use the Diskpart utility available in Windows.

Open Command Prompt and type Diskpart to open this utility. Now type List Disk to know how many disks are connected.

How to Fix USB Drive Not Recognized On Mac?

Normally, Disk 0 will be the Hard disk that we need to avoid from these operations. If no other disks are there, it will show Disk 1 as Pen Drive. Now type List Partition to see the available partitions in the selected disk. Verify that you are working on Pen Drive by checking the List partition results with the Pen Drive available space.

How to Delete files documents from USB Flash Drive on Mac

Once you are verified that you working on Pen Drive partition, Type Delete Partition to delete the selected partition fully. The Diskpart utility will perform the operations in the selected partition only so that it will not affect other partitions.

Reformat your USB flash drive to access its full storage capacity | MacYourself

You can confirm the selected partition by typing the detail partition command. DiskPart successfully deleted the selected partition.

Once you have deleted the partition, the process is almost over. The Pen Drive Capacity will be restored fully now. To utilize this capacity we need to format the Pen Drive finally. We may eject the Pen Drive and insert again.

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