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It gives you auditory descriptions of each onscreen element and provides helpful hints along the way — whether you prefer using gestures, a keyboard, or a braille display. And it supports more than 35 languages, including multiple voice options. And as developers update their apps to take advantage of the accessibility interfaces provided by Apple, their apps can start working with VoiceOver right away.

In Safari, improved conformance with HTML5 accessibility standards allows for more consistent navigation of websites.

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VoiceOver is now better at reading aloud tagged PDFs and email messages. If you start reading a website in a different language, VoiceOver can switch to the voice for that language automatically.

Watch movies with detailed audio descriptions of every scene on your Mac. You can control VoiceOver using many of the same gestures you use with iOS.

Enable accessibility features on Mac.

Touch the trackpad to hear a description of the item under your finger, drag to hear items continuously, and flick to move to the next item. Enable the VoiceOver Trackpad Commander, and the trackpad surface will represent the current window or document, so you can navigate quickly to any corner or edge with a tap. VoiceOver features a virtual control called the rotor. Turning the rotor — by rotating two fingers on the trackpad as if you were turning an actual dial — lets you access an array of fully customizable commands. Use it to browse web pages more efficiently and intuitively.

VoiceOver is the first screen reader to provide plug-and-play support for refreshable braille displays. Plug in or sync one of over compatible displays, and the VoiceOver description is presented to you in braille. In macOS High Sierra, you can edit seamlessly in Grade 2 Braille, viewing your edits in the context of the actual line of text.

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Converting between braille and text happens automatically so you see only Grade 2 Braille. VoiceOver is also the only screen reader that supports more than one braille display at a time. Dark Mode transforms the desktop and built-in apps with a new dark color scheme that helps you focus on your work. We unpack the app's minimalist interface to explain how some things work.

Télécharger OnyX Mac (gratuit)

Is it a further sign of consolidation or just a byproduct of the testing phase? Is there a clear winner in the battle for your productivity? Have you ever wanted to dive into a game without leaving your Facebook News Feed or Messenger chats? Black Panther, Deadpool, and other hits are just a few taps away.

The Sims 4 MAC Download Free (All DLC) for Mac OS X (

Does Spotify hit your spot, or are you ready for a different tune? A best password manager ups your password security by creating good passwords and keeping your saved Evil computers, pill popping, deadly contagions, and other kinds of fun! Things can help you track your tasks and projects and sync your progress across Apple devices. Fill forms and sign contracts like never before. It's free!

Dvision mac os x topic

From the first document you select, PDF Expert springs into action with smooth scrolling and fast search. Select the most relevant layout to quickly accomplish your task, whether you compare page contracts or read a short article. Enjoy amazing reading experience with advanced settings.

Pick Day, Night or Sepia mode to please your eyes. Find things instantly with search indexing. Save relevant discoveries into search history to make them more convenient to recall. Add annotations and notes to documents.

Advanced IntelliSense

Use Apple Pencil with iPad Pro for ultimate experience on the go. You can easily edit text, images and links. It will automatically detect the font, size, and opacity of the original text, so you can make edits easily. Easily fill out PDF forms such as applications or tax forms.

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